Welcome to the English version of the Bicycle Route Planner

The Route Planner allows planning a bicycle tour by selecting start, destination and intermediate stops by clicking on the map or by entering addresses. The algorithm assures that the route calculated will use dedicated bike routes but other roads and paths only for the access to the network at start or destination.

The English version offers full functionality of the planning tool. You get maps, height profile, cycling directions and GPS-tracks for any calculated route. You can select different route choice options like 'avoid steep grades'. Moreover, wizzards help you finding adresses, points of interest, or railway stations on the map.

However, there is information available concerning points of interest or thematic bicycle routes, which is - at the moment - in German language only.
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Please note, that the route recommendation outside the dedicated bicycle network is based on a simplified network data e.g. no information about one-way roads. It may happen in some few cases that these parts of the route - marked blue - cannot be used or access by bike is prohibited or restricted.

In general: All information provided without liability.